The Shop at Whitinsville
Built in 1847 as the Whitin Machine Works, this factory was the largest pre-World War II manufacturer of textile machinery. When the company ceased operation, the buildings were left vacant. WRT recognized the properties potential and has rebuilt it completely; installing new systems, creating vastly improved access and loading, and addressing the environmental issues left over from its long life as an industrial property. This is a project that also rebuilt a town. The restoration of the bell tower and clock is symbolic of the revitalization of the community; the Shop at Whitinsville has brought 2,500 jobs, new tax revenues and new spirit to this Southeastern Massachusetts town.
  • 1.4 million square feet
  • Acquired 1984
  • 22 tenants, including four Fortune 500 companies
  • 98% occupied
  • Restoration, renovation, environmental clean-up
1 Main St, Whitinsville, MA 01588-2238 • (508) 234-6301